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Auto Industry Innovations Show Continues Success

Auto industry experts and OEMs are working on new innovations to make vehicles bypass many security concerns, increase traffic safety and make them more energy efficient. According to a latest report from a credible source, European automobile industry spends around 5 percent of the total industry turnover, around 41.5 billion euro on research and development every year.

Technology companies are jointly working with  car manufacturers to build automated cars and revolutionize the auto industry via advancement of functional aspects. Auto parts manufacturers are now developing car technologies based on the requirement of the markets with huge vehicle demand.

auto industry
Tesla all wheel drive Model S 70D is electric powered and does not use fuel.

New consumer vehicles will have better sensors and technologies to offer increased comfort and safety. Also, the vehicles with new technologies will be more efficient to reduce the dependence on fuel and carbon emission.  The Tesla business innovations attest to this. Let’s see which new innovations show credible auto industry success.

Ford Launched Aluminum Bodied Commercial Vehicle

Ford has publicly announced its new aluminum bodied truck which will be much lighter than the traditional steel bodied trucks. It will be 700 pounds lighter than the steel bodied vehicles. This will also be the first time when a full aluminum bodied vehicle will be manufactured and sold in the market.

Ford has also teamed up with Hyundai to work on pre-collision technology. This new technology will revolutionize the auto industry as it will help drivers identify blind spots, and also will warn the drivers to pay attention on the road. The pre-collision technology will automatically activate the breaking system if the driver fails to do so. This will reduce the impact of crash.

Auto Industry Innovation – Vehicle to Vehicle Communication

The v2v communication will help vehicles talk to each other to avoid accidents. The vehicles will be exchanging data on speed and position to ensure safety.

As the price of gas has reduced in the global market, auto industry experts expect, that the sales of high performance cars will increase. Auto parts manufacturers have many scopes to add new safety features and performance improving technologies in the higher segment consumer vehicles.

Land Rover introduced a new technology in 2014 keeping the convenience of drivers as priority. The new technology will make the front of the car completely invisible to help drivers have a better idea of the front, position and angle of the front wheel.

Toyota is working on a new technology which will introduce airborne cars. The concept car has already been developed by Toyota. The car, at this stage, is not flying but floating a little above the road. This is still a concept and Toyota doesn’t promise to launch the car in the global market anytime soon.

Toyota will soon be seen to sell Mirai fule driven vehicles. You may also see many new innovations, like hovering cars and invisible cars on the road in the coming years.

Google’s Driverless Cars

Another revolutionizing innovation from the auto industry could be Google’s driverless cars. Google might soon launch a driverless car with all basic elements like steering, brakes and headlights. They are planning to test the car on the public road very soon. The new innovative sensing technology enabled driverless car, will ensure better road safety and great solution to difficult traffic congestion.

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