Muriel Bowser at the DC auto show

Auto Show has Become Part of DC Move for Innovation

New DC Mayor, Muriel Bowser, has expressed that the nation’s capital is a city on the move and has quickly become a leader for innovation and ingenuity during the just ended auto show at the Washington Convention Center in the District of Columbia.

DC Auto Show
The presence of the E-Golf at the DC Auto Show

This was her first welcome address to the prestigious auto show since she took office early this year. The auto show  has become a great attraction for Washingtonians and all car lovers who live close to the nations capital.

The theme for this year’s auto show was dubbed: Where Hearts Race. The show exhibited automotive technology that can predict the future and avoid traffic collisions to fuel cells powered by hydrogen. It also brought to view the latest comforts that make for more enjoyable ride and the range of exotic innovations that are fit to thrill.

Auto Show Showcases Advancements in Technology

She opined that the auto show has evolved, as part of the innovation the city is earnestly promoting, adding, that the auto show showcases advancements in automotive technology from the US and around the world.

“Whether you have lived in the in the District for five generations or have been here five minutes, this year’s auto show will appeal to everyone; from the most practical to the most extravagant and from the most economical to the most expensive.” she stated.

She concluded that the array of vehicles on display are as disperse as the people in the city, adding, that it is befitting  the auto show is always held in the center of Washington which is also an area of attraction to residents, businesses, hotels, monuments and memorials.

On his part, Auto Show Chairman, Kevin P. Reilly, noted that the event provides a platform that connects industry leaders with policy makers to discuss the issue of innovations that will shape the industry for years to come.

He said the event focuses on an industry that generates jobs, drives economies and enhances communities across America.

Auto Industry’s Comeback Propels Economy

In another development, US Senator Gary Peters made some observations about the North American International Auto show held in Detroit, Michigan and the auto industry’s comeback as a driving force in the US economy.

He recounted the toughest days of the recession when the American auto industry  lost countless jobs and praised the Obama’s administration for reviving the auto industry.

“Today, the American automotive sector supports over 3 million good paying jobs in assembly plants, repair shops and dealership across the country. When jobs from other sectors that depend on autos are included, the industry is responsible for 8 million jobs nationwide,” he observed.

He stressed that American auto companies are leading the US manufacturing sector and has quickly become one of the moving instruments behind the palpable economic recovery.

In Michigan alone, more than 133,000 manufacturing jobs has been created since 2009 and more than 1 million jobs were saved in the nation as a result of the auto bail out.

Investments in technology and innovation are shaping an all new auto manufacturing industry and today’s automobiles are becoming more safer.

Photo credit: AP

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