Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather, Jr: The Champion of Champions

Floyd Mayweather has proven once again, that when it comes to tactical boxing, he is indeed a champion among many great champions. And a top dog among his competitors.

In the most anticipated boxing fight in ten years, Floyd Mayweather defeated Manny Pacquiao by unanimous points decision to win the unified  world welterweight titles in  their twelve round title bout.

This brings Floyd’s boxing record to 48-0. Watching him many times after previous wins, Floyd Mayweather leaves no stone unturned to thank  both his fans and critics. Often times in a rather awkward but truthful way.

I thank all of you for coming to watch this fight. I also thank those at home watching via pay-per-view. And all my fans and critics all around the world. I know some of you came to support and others came to see me beaten. But whatever your intentions are, all of you have greatly supported me over these wonderful years” he says.

Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather with a winning fist

Indeed, for a boxer to remain undefeated for over two decades in his career, there is always the tendency for boxing enthusiasts  to willingly look forward to the next great champion. The next big fights. And the next knockout thriller in the boxing ring with new skills.

Floyd Mayweather – The Best Ever?

But Floyd Mayweather seems to have dominated boxing of his generation. Unbeaten, relentless and unapologetic, the superstar’s achievements have most often baffled boxing lovers.

I am the best ever”, he resounds.

In this video boxing legends speculate on Floyd s recent fight.

Floyd Mayweather is reported to have compared himself with the legendary Mohamed Ali whom most people credit to be the best boxer to have ever lived. Floyd believes he is the best boxer among the best to have ever been rewarded with prestigious boxing titles. But whether this claim is acceptable or not, the boxing world will always remember Floyd Mayweather as an unbeatable athletic in his twenty years career. This is also an achievement no boxer in his generation has ever been able to claim.

At 38 years old, Floyd Mayweather doesn’t appear to have slowed down very much in the boxing ring. With three successive wins within 18 months, the superstar’s announcement for retirement is really far to see. There are speculations, that perhaps, Floyd is working towards to break the record of Rocky Marciano who had 49-0 wins at the end of his boxing career. And just two more wins for Mayweather  will be the tiebreaker.


Floyd Mayweather started his professional career at the tender age of 17 years old. Prior to this time, his father Floyd Mayweather Sr. had always carried him to see boxing training and matches when he was just a boy.

Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather with Unified titles

Floyd Mayweather won his first professional fight in 1996 as a super featherweight champion. In 1998, he also won his first world title  as the WBC Super Feather Weight champion.

He moved up in boxing ranks from super featherweight to light weight, welterweight, light middleweight, a return to welterweight and also a return to light middleweight. He also fought in a third return in a light middleweight division and a welterweight unification bout.

His professional boxing record is 48 wins with 26 knockouts and 22 decisions. No looses or draws. He is a five-division world champion. He has won eleven world titles and lineal championship in four different weight classes.

He will be remembered as the most defensive and tactical fighter in many generations. But as to whether he is the best  boxer to have ever lived, will always be a question for the world to answer.

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