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Eyal Lalo: The Invicta Watch Guru Excels

Young and uncompromising with his brand, Eyal Lalo continues to make great strides in the watch manufacturing business.

Eyal Lalo  has great  success as an entrepreneur. But like most business icons, his achievements have also come with an intense public discussion.

Good or bad, the cutting edge iconic image whose mission is to produce iconic time-pieces is constantly forging ahead  with his goals.

Eyal Lalo: Loved and Criticised

His success has also ignited controversy among many time-piece lovers and various critics.

Eyal Lalo - the guru behind Invicta time piecesThose who love Eyal Lalo, his watch lines and his brand continue to patronize his iconic stylish watches. The  Invicta watches that Eyal Lalo  represents come with  price tags most industry insiders cannot comprehend.

Some of his critics believe that his pricing defies logic. They are of the view that with such moderate pricing, his brand of watches couldn’t be rated among the top lines in the watch industry which often compares quality with pricing. Perhaps, the adage that says, “You get what you pay for” is being analysed in the public forum.

But honestly, most invicta watches have proven that you can still deliver quality at an affordable price. When he is criticized constructively on the quality of his watches, Eyal Lalo responds with a positive attitude.

“Over the years my critics have helped improved the quality of our watches. We have improved important specs on some watches. We have also maintained time-piece movements that will stand the test of time,” he says.

Eyal Lalo Speaks on His Brand

Eyal Lalo has another business idea. Watching him presented his time-pieces many times on national television, he has stressed the importance of his brand to become a household name in the Americas and around the world.

“We are championing a brand that targets all classes of people. I think it is important to give all watch lovers the opportunity to have a taste of quality, function and fashion. Our brand represents the epitome of business success as it continues to attract more customers with its affordable price tags. We are constantly providing great and better prices compared to our competition. We do so effectively not because our products are low quality. But by cutting the middle man in the chain of distribution and acquiring our own  machinery. This gives  us the edge and confidence so we don’t  pass unnecessary costs to our customers.”

After all, most business marketing strategists will agree, that it is also good business to provide quality and pricing that targets all classes of people. Every entrepreneur has his niche market which propels him to deliver consistently. Eyal Lalo is no different.

As a business student, I have come to understand, that to have a sharp turnover in sales enables productivity. This in a long term transfers into maximum profits. Eyal Lalo by this strategy, has attracted many potential customers in record time than most brands. The average invicta watch collector can  boast of more than 10 watches. This could either be in the reserve collection, standard  or both.

invicta_russian-diver_0235_catalogshot_thumbI think it is fair to say, that his campaign to make many people love watches has been successful. The brand aggressively produces about 4,000 different quality styles and models yearly.  The watches are obviously beautiful and eye-popping. This is a success no other watch manufacturer has attempted to accomplish. Eyal Lalo, the invicta guru excels in his campaign as the fastest growing watch manufacturer in the industry. This achievement compliments the slogan by the company, “Smarter by the second”.

It it important to say, however, that other watch brands also have their own unique accomplishments. Watches like Rolex, Omega and many others continue to win the heart of watch connoisseurs.

The Award Winning Watch

Eyal Lalo watch
Reddot Award Winning Subaqua Noma V

Among many other recognition and awards,  Eyal Lalo has produced a sensational award winning watch that has resonated with time-piece lovers and industry insiders.This is the Subaqua  Noma V Reserve.

Powered by a Swiss Made ETA Valgranges A07.211, the automatic chronograph movement of the Subaqua Noma V gives you the power you need and the aesthetics you want.  This limited edition time piece won the Reddot Design Award. The Reddot Award is an internationally recognized quality seal for excellence in aesthetic forms and timeless trends.

The prestigious award was pronounced by a jury of 37 top professionals who tested and evaluated 4,662 designs to get to this verdict. The Subaqua Noma V showed its innovative edge proofing once again the undeniable foresight and innovative strengths of Eyal Lalo.

bolt zeus reserveYou will also love to have the Bolt Zeus Reserve on your wrist. This is really an instrument of mythic proportions. With a 52 millimeter case and conspicuous cables that separates this time-piece from all the rest, it deserves to be an award winner.

Eyal Lalo Personified

Eyal Lalo is the third generation watchmaker of Invicta whose family has been involved with Invicta for many years. He is the current president of the Invicta Watch Group based in Hollywood, Florida.

At 42 years old, Eyal Lalo has been able to revolutionized an 1837 Swiss  watch company into a dynamic and most profitable business.

In November 2012, he announced a new line of watches that are endorsed and designed by a former NFL player, Jason Taylor. The partnership is believed, to have been possible due Jason’s love for exquisite time- pieces.

Eyal Lalo is quoted to have named the Sabaqua Noma watch line after his  two children. He has said many times on national television, that he crafted the word NOMA by adding the first two letters of his youngest kids. Their names are NOah and MAry.

The company is involved in watch designing, manufacturing and marketing of wrist watches an accessories. And Eyal Lalo, the wrist watch genius continues the tradition of time-pieces innovative success.

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7 thoughts on “Eyal Lalo: The Invicta Watch Guru Excels”

  1. I see now after purchasing 26 of his watches why he is doing so well. I have the 6433 Bolt with blue rubber band. After a few wearings I went to put it on and the band broke where one of the metal decorative pieces go through the band. To say I was shocked to find the cost of the replacement band was $123 was shocking and over the top. Only paid $279 for the whole thing. So now I am wondering what is the real value of these watches and his cost to make them. Saw a used one on eBay which sold for $102. Will watch now for another cause it’s cheaper than buying a new band from Eyal.

  2. I am an avid fan of Invicta mainly because I enjoy an oversized watch appearance. I always have and was thrilled when Invicta started gaining notoriety as I have been buying them since they were not so popular. My problem is not with the quality but after reading the myriad of comments about the customer service and attention or lack of attention to the end user is not acceptable. I, personally have not had this experience but to see so many people with the same complaint makes me wonder what is really going on. For a young, brash owner/president to not be concerned with even one customer complaint is troubling. I am a realist and know full well where these watches are assembled and what goes into them. However, I am now going to try and reach some people at Invicta and as an owner of several dozens of their products, I would like some answers about why their customer service seems to be suspect. I certainly own enough models now to never buy another one but I was hoping not to reach that pinnacle and be open minded and give them a chance but I have zero tolerance to be on the receiving side of negative customer service and no customer or product support. I will investigate these complaints and certainly air them on some form of social media. I am hopeful that it can also be a positive outcome.

  3. I have the some of the same problems that have been posted above.. I own over 15 of the Invicta Watches but I can only wear 5 of them. WHY????? The bands have literally fallen apart on my wrist. I have spent good money on these watches, but to try to sell me a new band that will probably fall apart just like the previous band, NO WAY. I have bought their watches on evine and on the old Sunday Run. Evine response was you bought a highly discounted watch and I should realize this might happen… WHAT ??? I get absolutely no response from Invicta Customer Non-Service. I have thought about going on an Invicta cruise to force someone to talk to me and listen to my problem I think this is why Eyal Lalo will never respond to my emails. Cool watches that are sold by legitimate companies deserve to be backed up by solid Customer service and bands that don’t fall apart a few months later. If I knew then that the watch bands will fail and fall apart with zero corporate support , I would never had spent a penny. I will never buy another Invicta watch.

  4. I have yet to see any reports about Invicta customer support being good all the things i read say bad things about customer service. This is something that needs to change. Eyal Lalo needs to own up to this problem and give attention to customer service dept. I have more than 10 watches bit have only had them for a few months with no problems yet.

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