Let your profits run in your technology ventures

Technology Ventures: Best Performing Business Models

We chose few of the top technology ventures and studied their business models. CEIimages hot-picked  Pinterest, Twitter, Android, Groupon and Amazon. Each of these businesses follows exclusive ideas in technology that improve business performance and also the consumer experience.

Some of these technology ventures have seen remarkable success. And a few are looking for moderations and improvements. Below you’ll find what business model works, or has worked for each of the tech service providers.

Pinterest’s Best Performing Business Model

During an interview, Pinterest’s general manager of monetization, earlier head of product, Tim Kendall said that businesses and brands share almost two-thirds of the 50 billion pins on their platform. In addition to that, the ads displayed on Pinterest never annoy the users. They do not look like the typical advertisements to the users. It improves user experiences.

This is  what Pinterest considers as one of its most successful business models in technology ventures. Pinterest’s newest  video shown on Youtube shows a much improved advertising focus.

Android’s Best Performing Business Model

Android is Google’s one of the most successful technology ventures. Google is extremely creative. It follows whimsical and highly aggressive marketing plans. With Android acquisition, the company tried to get its brand noticed even in a wider group of audience. Google’s business model for Android is simple – increase the sources of revenue and try invisible and creative marketing strategies to get the brand noticed.

Groupon’s Best Performing Business Model

Groupon is a deal of the day website. It’s one of the very successful technology ventures that work like an intermediary between the merchants and the consumers. It features discounted gift vouchers that can be used at local or national companies.

Groupon earns commission for every purchase made via their website. Although Groupon’s business model is pretty old, this same old model has helped the company grow. It  turned down a $6 billion acquisition offer from Google and set its eyes on the Initial Public Offering (IPO) debut on the stock market.

Amazon’s Best Technology Ventures

Let your profits run in your technology ventures
Let your profits run in your technology ventures.

Amazon had a huge success with its business model. Amazon started as an online book seller. But soon the company changed its business model to turn it into the best marketplace for its competitors.

It’s amazing to see how Amazon executed the whole idea. This business technology ventures model isn’t new. Amazon is basically a traditional retailer. But, the company has done best in pioneering alternate retail strategies. It works like gateway for its customers  and provides them a very stable marketplace to buy and sell their goods to the whole world.

Twitter’s Best Performing Business Model

We love Twitter for its excellent service to the advertisers and businesses. It’s a great platform for the entrepreneurs who want to spread words about their businesses. The company earns from advertising.

Twitter business model works in the best interest of the advertisers. It helps them promote tweet on the follower’s timeline and promote a whole account or a trend. The company charges advertisers advertising on its platform  based on the amount of interaction their posts or content generate.

These were some of most successful business models of the technology ventures you might like to know about. Please share a business model from today’s top performing ventures that you think inspire you the most.

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