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Productive Ways to Grow Your Business and be Profitable

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Stay focus and proactive to dominate your niche

My mother participated in a start-up  award ceremony. She won the Best Baker of the Year award. After the occasion, she shared with me some important ways that made her productive. One thing that struck me during the detail was her emphasis on being productive. She spent little time talking about making profit.

Her narration focused on learning the skills to be productive. This finally paid off as profits. The steps she took in her business was proactive. This turned her unproductive disadvantages into productive advantages. This also made her a desirable role model in a productive enterprise.

Being Productive Should Be Your Aspiration

Whether you are an entrepreneur, innovator, a corporate entity, or starting a new business, your most important aspiration should be focused on how to stay productive. This is because while every business man or woman intends to make profit, profit itself is measured as a bi-product of productivity.

According to the Marxian theory, the performance of capitalist economy depends on the rate of profit. When the rate of profit is high, capitalism is very prosperous. Business investment is high and unemployment also decrease. To be able to establish a consistent rate of profit however, both capitalists and start-ups must practice productive business ways in order to be productive. Here are my mother’s insights on how to become productive.

What Makes You Tick

What makes you tick is your passion. It is only your passion that will sail throughout your dreams. A productive tick like a clock gives your niche an advantage.

Let your passion guide you in the choice of your business undertakings. You can be assured to do more in record time. Many entrepreneurs who have progressed speedily and dominated their niches have done so following their passion.

Give Priority to What is Ready

Prioritize on the resources you have at hand. As the saying goes: A bird in bird in hand is better than two in the bush. Be diligent  to harness your resources and assets if that is all you have to work with.

Respect what you have and you could be making history as you innovate and become different in your style. Remember that necessity is the mother of invention.

Also prioritize on your goals. Do the first thing first. Learn from business insiders on legal and corporate steps you need continually. Determine your road to success and incorporate these steps into your daily activities as you craft attainable goals.


Focusing on your purpose, assets, work, brand and goals is no brainier. It is the only thing that will keep your passion sailing to do exploits.

When you are sidetracked by unnecessarily comparing yourself to others or wanting to become what you cannot or doing things at the wrong time, you take away the very will and desire to become prosperous. You also deny yourself and your business fulfillment and accomplishments.

Your business life could become standstill or you will be marking time. Failure could beset your joy and your predestined life success. But just like my mom, if you focus on staying productive, you will show forth results of multitude of successes if not a candidate of prestigious awards.

With passion, prioritizing and and the will to focus, go ahead and grow your business and be profitable!

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