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Success Key for Start-ups, Entrepreneurs and Innovators

It is worth noting that the universal key to success applies to big businesses, leaders, entrepreneurs, start-ups and all individuals with a goal or mission. Innovators of cutting-edge technologies and successful business icons and iconic images hold true to this philosophy. All these must embrace their potential as the very key to their success.

What Will You Like to Become?

In life, one of the most common questions every child is faced with is, “What would you like to become when you grow up?” Though this question does not require an immediate response, every child when asked is excited, perhaps; to become a president, a lawyer, a doctor, an accountant, a pharmacist or any of the enviable and lucrative professions of the statuesque repeated mentioned by parents and heroes.

Ironically, children change their love for a particular profession many times during this cycle of growth and when they finally realize what is best for them in life.

Growing up as a child, I was faced with a situation whether to become an accountant or a journalist. The former was the choice of my father and the latter, mine. I spent many years trying to perfect my skills in accounting but since I did not love it, there was no passion to develop those skills wholeheartedly.

Separating Purpose from  Infatuations

I finally got my grip. Separating itself  from all the things I wanted to become in life; as part of my adolescence infatuations, writing came to me so naturally with an intuitive understanding, love and passion. First of all, words fascinate me. Every word I see, hear or say becomes a foundation which could be developed into phrases, phrases into descriptive sentences and sentences into topics and articles. Every day as I sat in class to study or walked in the streets of Accra in Ghana where I grew up, there was this overwhelming desire to express the beauty of words in any form possible.

This did not change even after many years when I migrated to the United States, commuting in the streets of Washington, DC and drinking my early morning coffee at Starbucks and years of working in warehouses to support my family abroad. Though your environment may change, your gift and purpose in life do not change. It is critical however to observe and understand the dispensation and age in which you find yourself and seize the moment to pursue purpose and be fulfilled. This, I intend elaborate in subsequent articles.

Purpose, Potential, Fulfillment and Success

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Perhaps, George Burns, a successful actor and comedian of the eightieth century was right. In his quote, ” I will rather be a failure at something I love than a success at something I hate,” George presented four things worth thinking about, which are Purpose, Potential, Fulfillment and Success. His motivation and world view for success was summed up in his unfailing desire to accomplish what he saw as his purpose in life. He realized and respected his potential, finding fulfillment and success in his career.

It is safe to say, that no one should disregard the inner desires that comes so naturally to him or her. This helps in risk management in the choice of one’s career. Remember that you can never be fulfilled or obtain job satisfaction in doing something you hate, if even you think you are successful.

” I will rather be a failure at something I love than a success at something I hate,” George Burns.

In fact, your purpose in life determines your potential. If you have purpose, you must have related potential. Potential, however, must be unraveled as the key in pursuing purpose for success! Over the years, the word potential has evolved into many different names in every walk of life. Some call it talent; others call it God-given gift, power, ability, capability and most expressly, the phrase, “what it takes”.

Whilst most cutting-edge innovators will depend on a talent or a God-given gift to succeed, businesses on the other hand care more about missions that have palpable growth potential whether relating to hiring the right people for the job (their human resource potential) or having the power or what it takes to acquire or expand their venture capital.

Their mission is to succeed and to do this, venture capitalists though may take risks, are always in the business of minimizing loses by establishing and pursuing rules, talents, programs and obtaining and developing what it takes to succeed by staying true to their purpose. Like any other creative individual, entrepreneurs, start-ups or leaders who must enjoy the benefits of job-satisfaction in pursue of success, businesses must have purpose in their campaign as a benchmark to success.

This reflects in their targeted advertising campaigns, pricing and packaging of their products and services. When all these are done well, a business mission is most often accomplished and fulfilled.

The Game Changer

In retrospect however, in the many years that I have pursued the art of writing, my love and passion for this discipline leave no room for failure but rather, productivity, innovations and exploitation. It is estimated that, over 90% of people who embrace their natural potential as a key to their success, succeeds daring, whether as an entrepreneur or a working professional.

On the other hand, people who tend to do something just because it is attractive or popular and do not have the corresponding potential, will be running the race of others and ultimately struggle to achieve success.

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