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Windows 10 Review: OS Continues to be a Game-changer

Microsoft's Best OS
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  • Start menu in windows 7 integrated in windows 10
  • Windows 8 live tiles present in windows 10
  • Microsoft Edge beats Windows explorer
  • Integrated virtual desktop


  • Universal Widows not fully functional

Microsoft has shown much improvement with the release of Windows 10. The new Windows is said to be the best thing that has happened to the company in many years.

Windows has been the most used Operating System (OS), in the world when it comes to desktops and laptops, with the exception of the MAC. Consumers however, have a love or hate relation with Windows. Because for a while, Microsoft lost its place in people’s heart due to lingering imperfections on the part of the Tech Giant whilst Apple showed continues innovative success with its products. But that is changing with the arrival of freshly made Windows 10.

Windows 10 Changes the Game

Under the new administration, Microsoft is doing everything it can to win back the hearts of the people it lost and also make their existing users love windows more, and they might have hit the nail on the head with the release and positive reviews of windows 10.

Windows 10 is everything that the windows 8 should have been. As windows vista is considered to be the worst of windows, but windows 8 wasn’t really far behind. First windows 8.1 filled the void created by the 8 and the newly made windows 10 took it one step further and almost perfected it.

The windows 10 was made to win back the users that were heartbroken after windows 8, and wanted something very similar to the windows 7, so they brought back the new start menu that the users loved in windows 7 with the touch of windows 8.1 in the form of Live Tiles and Microsoft classic integrations.


The start menu is back reminding how good windows 7 was, and will just work like that if not better. Cortana that was the beloved feature in the Lumia smartphones came in the windows 10 as a  new feature. Internet Explorer (IE) is ditched and the Edge is the new default browser for windows 10. Universal apps is another new feature that will bridge the users of desktop and smartphone closer, but that still is in the testing period and we didn’t really get the full preview of it as to what it can do and how powerful it will be. The charm bar didn’t made the cut, instead much better programmed notification center is introduced with a lot of useful features.

Windows 10 versus 7 and 8

After windows 7, the 8th iteration of windows was a huge step from the previous versions of windows, that it almost seemed like an all new OS in its built. People really didn’t dig the new metro style of the start screen. But there were some things that people loved about the 8. So Microsoft played it safe and included the best features in windows 7 and 8.

Start menu in windows 10 is like a perfect merge between the 7 and 8. The start menu style is of windows 7 and the Live Tiles are taken from windows 8 which people loved.

The most important thing that was missing in the 7 and 8 which is directly integrated in the new windows is the use of virtual desktops. Apple’s Mac has this as its main feature but now integrated into windows 10 and it is even better than the MACs (no offence to the Apple fan boys). Also the multiple touch pad functionality is almost revamped in the windows 10 compared to only few functions available on the previous two iterations.

Microsoft’s Universal Windows Apps is not fully working as of today so we will leave for later. But the new Edge browser that is the default in windows 10 shows positive ratings as compared to the previous internet explorer in 7 and 8. It seems IE wasn’t fully optimized for users previously and as touch screens are becoming ubiquitous so the Edge is made by optimizing the touch functions of the laptops and tablets and to this day the reviews have been positive. In addition, the integration of Cortana makes it even better if you want reviews and directions to any place.


The final words and verdict for windows 10 would be, that it’s the best windows Microsoft has ever made with little room for betterment. It is flexible and easy to use. It reminds us when Microsoft was the tech company to look for and it did brought that vibe back. As most traditional desktop PCs are on a downward trend, it is good news that Microsoft is also moving away from that direction and windows 10 is the epitome of that idea an success.

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