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Telemedicine Health Innovation Helps Critically Ill Patients

 A telemedicine health innovation program has been adapted by the Florida Hospital Carrollwood to add additional care to the recovery of critically ill patients.

The health care facility is on fast track in giving advanced health care in telemedicine. It has one of the most required telemedicine health innovation programs available in hospital’s ICU units around the globe.

Telemedicine Health Innovation Program

The telemedicine health innovation program will enable the hospital to offer additional care to patients. The hospital plans to use well trained critical care nurses and very qualified intensivists from the nation’s Advanced ICU Care, which is the best in the country in offering Tele-ICU services. Carrollwood is one of the first to collaborate with Advanced ICU Care in using the telemedicine health innovation program.

The telemedicine health innovation program will usher in continues 24-hour monitoring of patients in the ICU units. The program comes at a time when health innovation has become a prime focus for health leaders around the world..

telemedicine health innovatio
Mr. Joe Johnson, President, Florida Hospital Carrollwood spearheads telemedicine innovation program.

In a statement, the President and CEO of Florida Hospital Carrollwood Joe Johnson, expressed optimism in the partnership with the Advanced ICU Care. He said the telemedicine health innovation program is allowing best recommended standard of medicine practice presently known.

This, he stated, will be done effectively in collaboration with patients and their doctors, the critical health team at the hospital and also the remote telemonitoring of Advanced ICU Care.

Mary Jo Gorman, founder of Advanced ICU Care stressed the importance in providing clinical monitoring and help for critically ill patients. She was confident, that the telemedicine health innovation program will provide immediate and highest level of care to critically ill patients at a moment’s notice. And patients could be properly  monitored when no health professional is present.

The Advanced ICU Care provides both detailed Tele-ICU health innovation programs and consulting services. It has a recommended track record of improving the operational, financial and clinical performance of its partners.

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