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Small Business Loans: ReadyCap Appoints Seasoned Hires

ReadyCap Lending LCC today announced the  appointments of two key positions in the company to help facilitate SBA loans across the country. Mr. John Moshier was appointed president  of the company while Michele Brown was hired as Business Development Officer covering the South-East Central Texas area.

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Both appointments come at a time when the small business sector is in need of experienced personnel who can make both intuitive and fact based decisions to help startups and entrepreneurs acquire small business loans to develop and grow their businesses so as to meet the needs of consumers. And also to boost the overall US economy especially in key trade areas.

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Michelle Brown, ReadyCap.

Michele has been tasked to oversee the business development and originations of SBA 7 (a) loans and will report directly to Vice President, Sales Manager, Mr. George Andreaus.

With tremendous experience in small business administration, Miss Brown is expected to make her 25 years of experience in managing small business loans come to bear  in important  trade areas.

Before joining ReadyCap, she was the Vice President for the Texas First Bank where she specialized in SBA commercial real estate financing. With her insightful knowledge and experience in lending and financial products, she is expected to continue her success as a reliable top-producing originator in small business loans acquisition.

small business loans
John E. Moshier. President of ReadyCap.

The new hired president of the company, Mr. John E. Moshier is also expected to use his 15 years experience  in small business relationships and management of US Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan Programs  as a decisive edge to run the overall company.

In a statement, ReadyCap stated that John has an immense experience in  the small business loans sector. And has been  a valuable resource in giving access to start-up capital to military business owners in alliance with SBA.

Mr. John Moshier was grateful to serve business communities across the country through the  SBA program which has made him an important SBA lender.

ReadyCap Lending LCC, is an approved  small business loan company which gives SBA 7 (a) loans to prospective startups and entrepreneurs up to $5million across board. The company helps small business loans portfolio of $1.3 billion to assist communities and businesses grow.

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