RiseSmart Turns Innovations into IBA Recognitions

The 12th Annual International Business Awards (IBA), has named RiseSmart as the winner of a Stevie Award in the category of the Most Innovative Company of 2015 in Canada and the united States.

RiseSmart Contemporary Solutions

RiseSmart is a leader in the provision of cutting-edge career transition services with a mission to bring innovation and offer industry leading solutions to their clientele. RiseSmart has in the past won 6 different Stevie awards but made its debut in the Most Innovative Company award category this year.

RiseSmart career retention services, strengthen employer brands, improve employee retention and re-engages significant workforce talents. The company’s approach to innovative workforce outplacement uses personalized services from knowledgeable professionals with cutting-edge cloud-based technology to its advantage.

Many organizations in more than 40 industries, depend on RiseSmart for its outplacement solutions to help former employees acquire new jobs readily. Job landing rates are more than 80 percent. And time-to-placement average rates exceed 60 percent of national averages. This has made RiseSmart one of the fastest growing job placement companies in the world.

Stevie Awards

RiseSmart wins Stevie Awards.

Over 3,700 applicants from different organizations and industries were selected this year, to be considered in a wide range of categories. These include Best New Product or Service of the Year award, Company of the Year recognition and Executive of the Year award among many others.

Mr. Michael Gallangher, President and Founder of the Stevie Awards observed, that the IBAs grow in stature and distinction yearly which has also increased the number of entries and quality of participating  companies.

This year, judges had the chance to evaluate the achievements of over 3,700 companies and listen to success stories of innovative companies around the world. The Stevie Awards are determined by more than 200 business executives around the world. The judging participation process started in May through August this year.

Stevie Awards are conferred in six programs: The International Business Awards, The American Business Awards, the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards, the German Stevie Awards, the Stevie Awards for Women in Business, and the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Services.



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