Cryotherapy to Overcome Advanced Stage Kidney Cancer

Cryotherapy medical technology, may be changing the fate of patients diagnosed with advanced stage kidney cancer disease.

Dr. Kia Michel, a fellow at the Comprehensive Urology in Los Angeles, California is reported to have said that, Cryotherapy is a promising alternative to surgery. He observed that, traditional surgery  requires many incisions on patients. In that process, patients have to absorb a longer recovery period.

He expressed his optimism about further data that supports cryotherapy treatment since traditional medicine is not always the best option for patients with advanced stage kidney cancer disease.

Dr. Kia Michel, Co-founder, Comprehensive Urology, Los Angeles.

Dr. Kia Michel observed however that, the cryotherapy treatment is relatively new. As such, there is limited data on the survival rate. But he was encouraged with available data that shows, that patients that have undergone cryotherapy treatment have not had a recurrence  of renal tumor within 3 to 5 years after treatment. This he said makes an enormous difference and great improvement on survival rates.

Projected Data for Kidney Cancer in 2015

The American Cancer Society estimates, that in 2015 about 14,000 people will die from kidney cancer also known as renal cell carcinoma. However, early diagnose of the disease gives up to about eighty percent survival rate for patients. This figure is relative high when compared to the eight percent survival rate of those diagnosed with advanced stage IV kidney cancer.

But most kidney cancer patients do not detect they have cancer until it has progressed significantly. To this effect, the new cryotherapy medical technology treatment will help to raise survival rates of those diagnose with the advanced stage kidney cancer disease.

Cryotherapy Treatment Procedure

Cryotherapy treatment procedure involves few and small incisions on patients that allows the easy insertions of several medical needles. A helium gas and argon coolant is then circulated through the needles. This then freezes the tissues for several minutes. Guided by an ultrasound device, the surgeon then targets the cancer tissues with a much higher accuracy than that of traditional surgery methods.

The Comprehensive Urology is a well known medical technology establishment, that is committed in  providing high quality urology care and employs board certified and high qualified certified physicians.

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