Apple iOS 8.4 adds to music steaming

Apple iOS 8.4 Poised for Music Streaming Competition

Apple Inc. today released its IOS 8.4 software update. The Apple iOS 8.4 release will offer an all new music streaming subscription services on Apple devices.

The release also introduced Beats 1 (live radio station) as an extension of Apple’s new music branding ecosystem. Beats 1 will feature culture, latest music and interviews all day, seven days a week.

Apple iOS 8.4 released amidst tough competition
Apple iOS 8.4 released amidst tough competition.

The Apple iOS 8.4 software update showcases a new music app for all major apple products which include the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch handheld devices. Apple iOS 8.4 music streaming service will give fans access to music streaming catalogue and will bring to view activities of featured artists on the go. This adds to the great innovations of Apple.

Music fans will be able to engage with their number one artists on the new Apple  iOS 8.4 powered application. Special specs will allow fans to comment and like their music idols as they interact  with them on trending posts.

Apple iOS 8.4 Versus Competition

With the introduction of the Apple iOS 8.4, the company believes it is ready to add to the over 8 million iTunes music subscribers and poised to take its market share in the music streaming industry. Apple is offering a free three months trail membership to woo prospective customers on the new platform.

Major competitors in the music streaming services which includes Spotify, Rhapsody, Pandora, Google music and many others have already made a mark in the music streaming industry. And promised they are not slowing down to be overtaken by Apple.

But Apple comes into the playing field with a brand name that elevates quality customer satisfaction, which is indicative of all its products and services on the market today. Apple iOS 8.4 app will be no different.

Industry analysts say Apple’s presence in the music streaming business is long overdue, but hoped that with the right calls from the tech giant,  Apple will see day light in the evolving and most appealing music industry.

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