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Personal Health Trainer, Fulfilling & lucrative Alternative

Most of the time, the job of a personal health trainer seems to be a happy dream job. People that are health and fitness enthusiasts, certainly would go into this very lucrative and fulfilling  job without blinking. Around the globe, about 87% of people are doing jobs they do not love but are stuck to it just for the sake of money.

A new Gallup poll conducted in the US reveals about 70% of American workers are disengaged from their jobs. Out of 100 million people that hold jobs of the United States, 50 million is found not to be engaged, 30 million actively engaged and 20 million actively disengaged. The underlying reason is that most people hate their jobs.

But in the case of  fitness trainer entrepreneurs and other purposeful motivating occupations, workers do not have to sit in unwanted cubicles and keep staring in computer screens just to make a living. They have the job they love, dedicated and have the motivation and heart of continuing that job for the rest of their lives.

Prepare and be Rewarded as a Personal Health Trainer

Many people seem to be considering a life long  personal health trainer careers but they lack the will and courage to take risk. So they refrain from it. However, things are changing. As more people are getting tired of the 9 to 5 jobs, health fitness trainer jobs are becoming a popular choice for them.

According to, the average personal health trainer in the USA makes a good sum of $40-60 thousand annually or more. This may vary due to location, experience, clientele and other factors. However fitness and personal trainer salaries are becoming very competitive.

People who love  health and fitness regiment in their lives, could as well reap the benefits from personal health trainer jobs. There are several characteristics that will indicate you are the best fit for the job of a personal health trainer. Your profile must show you can use personal training tools effectively.

  • You also want to spend most of your time for the gym and nowhere else.
  • You must take your health seriously and want to keep it that way.
  • Also you want to see other people become healthy as well and you love to help them.
  • If it becomes your job, you could be the happiest person in your business.

As most people take the job of a personal health trainer very seriously, they must very much care about their clients. The clients on the other hand will not be  joking about the outcome of their fitness and health once they sign up for the challenge. This opens the door for effective learning and management of skills that trainers should focus on about the job.

Personal trainer resources, best program guidelines and personal trainer tools must be used to achieve results. Trainers should have a firm knowledge about the human anatomy. They must have the motivation to work long hours and the ability to design custom  exercises for their clients. They must also be knowledgeable about food supplements that works with tailored fitness programs.

Why Trainers are Very Hot in the Economy

personal health trainerIn time past, people didn’t care whether you were smart or a thick boned person. You were not called names regarding your appearance. Times have changed and most people only judge you on your looks especially when you are a woman.

For those level minded individuals that don’t go to the extent of calling names, the overall health of a person matters and to be fit and healthy are their only concern. They will find ways to encourage friends and love ones to take up the health challenge  by contacting a personal health trainer. For these reasons and many more, people are constantly seeking help from the professional personal health trainer, sometimes at the advice of their medical doctor.

Most of the colleges also have extensive degree programs and certifications offered in the health and fitness field. This is becoming a very hot business industry. The professional touch seems to attract many people that are trying to come into the business of becoming a personal health trainer.

What to Look for in the Trainer

As the business is booming right now and many people are taking a chance of this field, there will be few people that are just there to test their luck and are not very good at what they do. Therefore, it requires anyone that is looking for a good personal health trainer, to diligently keep in mind these suggestions in order to get the best trainer there is.

  • Trainer should be well educated in health and fitness.
  • Communication should be good between you and trainer.
  • Personal or private health trainers should have patience in their attitude.
  • Fitness trainers should be very professional in what they do.
  • Both women and men health trainers should have well-rounded personality.

In conclusion, it would be great to look out for affordable local trainers to meet your long term training budget. There are also personal training and interactive online fitness programs that you could take advantage of. You could also find training programs on CDs and use your living room as an important field to achieve your fitness needs. In this case you could be your own personal health trainer! Personal trainer directories could also be used to get the best women and men training available. You will be on your way to success with considerable effort on your part.

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