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Investment Techniques: How They Affect Your Portfolio

Good investment techniques are sure ways for building successful portfolios.  Investment, however, is the act of commitment for your capital to a process where you expect to acquire some extra profit from your initial capital. In other words, you put your money to work wisely which in turn gives you various levels of profits. Though profits are not always guaranteed in investments, the investment techniques you use affect your portfolio, positively or negatively.

Investment Techniques and Building Portfolios

There are various types of investments available for you to take advantage of but you must understand the investment techniques used at any level. To decide which investment technique you would prefer is up to you. All you have to know are the best investment techniques that suit your portfolio which will eventually give you the desirable results. Your diversified investment portfolio could include, gold, stocks, mutual funds, bonds and real estate.

All these may have different investment return formula but your goal is to optimize your investment rate of return to positively grow tour investments. Whether you develop the best investment techniques yourself or hire a professional will largely depend on your comfort level to handle the investment and the time needed to do the work.

Good investment ideas could come from investment counselors. Investment counseling has proofed successful for many investors. Seeking advice from an investment advisor, gives you strategic guidance for a safe investment and helps you to carefully analyze high-risk investments before investing. Their investment service includes asset allocation on specific investments and providing you with the investment tool for your long-term investments and investment growth.

You can also increase your investment income by studying sound investment and investment tips. Your investment research should lead you to find what your investment options are, what investment strategy will be good for your portfolio, full ROI analysis and the knowledge and confidence to calculate return on investment efficiently. Used as a performance tool, Return On Investment (ROI) evaluates the  strengths of investment or investments, weighing profits in relation to invested capital.

You have the chance to make your own investment decisions, analyze and find the correct asset allocations of your portfolio, choose which investments to buy and start the buying and selling. This will give you close monitoring of your assets and help you to balance your investments tax efficiently.

Money managers could also be your investment guide. When you turn your investment to a money manager, he will invest your investment capital according to your investment plan. He performs your investment tracking and makes sure that your portfolio is managed by the best investment solutions using proven investment software where applicable to build your portfolio.


It is one of the investments that people are really into nowadays. Bonds are also known as  fixed income securities. However, the most commonly known term  is a bond. Whenever you are in a position to buy a bond and you actually do it, you will, in reality, be lending out your capital to the government or to a company.  In this type of investment, your primary capital is safe from any kind of loss but the profit is not 100% guaranteed. The investment techniques used in bonds investing may be different from that of stocks.


Unlike Bonds, these investments are not perfect for everybody, especially those who don’t  want any risk factor involved. The profits on the stocks depend on the state of the country or more specifically the security of the market. If the market is going in the right direction, then your stocks will go up for that particular market.  A bond is known as a fixed income security, but that is not the case with stocks in general. Stocks are often dubbed as the Volatile Investment, as nobody is 100% sure about the future of any share of a company in any market.


Mutual Funds

investment techniquesThis type of investment is an amalgamation of the above-mentioned investments, which are bonds and stocks. So when you dip your toes in the pool of mutual funds, you are investing it with a lot of other investors too. Mutual funds consist of the best things from both the bonds and stocks.The advantage of a mutual fund is, that you don’t need too much time or experience as an investment policy to grow the investment funds. In most of the cases, mutual funds have better chances for a good return on your investment using the best investment techniques.

Gold and Real Estate

Your investment techniques could also be useful in gold and real estate investing. These are somewhat the easiest kinds of investments in terms of what will be the best portfolio to consider or choose from. But the only things you will have to consider when going in these kinds of investments are, keep in mind the value of the real estate market in the said area and the price of the gold and whether it has fluctuated in the market for more than 6 months. Such knowledge could positively affect your portfolio.

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