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Smart Investments: Make Money With or Without Money

We all know that smart investments maximize business gains at the lowest possible risk. Reliable data shows smart investments made Warren Buffet one of the wealthiest man on earth. In 2008, Forbes described him as the number one richest man on the list of richest men in the world.

Entrepreneurs say he sees investment prospects in things that no one would ever imagine. Warren Buffet himself thinks he could succeed because he dared to think differently.

There are many others like him who have exceptional success pertaining to investments. One such person is Robert Kiyosaki. Below is a list of investment advises from world’s renowned money makers.

Smart Investments Advice from Robert Kiyosaki

Smart investors make something from nothing. Robert Kiyosaki once shared a great story. He said that smart investors don’t work for money. Instead, they know how to make money from nothing. They recognize opportunity and know how to use it to make money.

Robert Kiyosaki used to work in a small store. He was paid $0.30 per week. While working in the store, he noticed that the store owner cuts old comic book covers in half and return the rest to the distributor.

smart investments
Invest smartly and grow your wealth.

He decided to make a request to the distributor if he could keep the old comics. The distributor agreed with a condition not to resell them. Robert would keep the business deal and came up with another way of making money. He would store hundreds of such free comic books and rent them. He made $0.10 a day. That way he was privileged to make $9.40 a week, which was way better than $0.30 a week that he gets from the store.

So, the aim of smart investments shouldn’t be being wealthy; rather, it should be about being an excellent opportunist and making a smart use of an opportunity.

Smart Investments Advice from George Soros

According to George Soros, one of the main characteristics of a wealthy investor is frugality. He suggests that smart investors should invest in smart ideas. Smart investments are those passionate spending which are spent on good ideas. Successful investors should live a frugal lifestyle, save money and put it aside to spend on a good idea when it arises.

Smart Investments Advise from Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal

He is a world renowned investor from Saudi Arabia. He is the founder of Kingdom Holding Company. He amazed the world making bold and unconventional decisions during the great recession of 2009.

He had 14.9 per cent stake in Citigroup. The stock value obviously declined during the moment of crisis. Even his real estate investments made in India lost a significant amount of value at the same time.

Surprisingly, when the whole world was selling out their part of shares and investment during this time, Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal decided to hold the stocks for a longer period of time.

His smart investments advice for entrepreneurs would be, making bulk investments of quality portfolio in long term assets.

Warren Buffet, Benjamin Graham, Dave Ramsay, Robert Kiyosaki are some legendary names who understood the principles of smart investments. What they believe is that we don’t need money to be rich. We need be an opportunist and find an idea to make money.

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