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Profitable Business Campaign Tips to Help Brand Awareness

A striking example of a profitable business campaign would be the “Do Us a Flavor” social media contest launched by Lays in 2012 in search of new recipes.

There was a reward of $1 million to the winning consumers. Frito-Lay creatively used social media landscape to increase brand awareness, consumer engagement, diversify chip flavors and increase sales in the end. And we must say, that the campaign indeed was an excellent success as it was able to triple-fold Lay’s Facebook followers and increased sales by 12 per cent.

The point is that, you will have to create an attractive idea to make consumers curious about your product, offer some benefits for participating in a campaign and thus increase awareness. And you can use the power of social media for that. The list below represents some profitable business campaign ideas.

Profitable Business Campaign: Think Contest

Depending on your entrepreneurial focus, business size and campaign budget, you can plan a creative contest. It can help in creating brand engagement and increasing brand awareness in a very low cost.

You’ve to think of interesting giveways to get the attention from consumers. Seek public advice and recommendations. As more and more people will talk about your contest, it will increase brand visibility online.

Create a Value Added Video

Profitable business campaign doesn’t have to involve a lot of money. You can create a nice video to share an inspiring massage, or a story to the target consumers. People would not like your ad campaign if it only talks about how your product is great and why it’s great.

Give something to the consumers which can add value to their life. So, to do things differently, try to come up with value added ideas.

What about a Facebook Teaser Campaign

Yo can do that if you want to create brand awareness at the least dollar spent. A teaser campaign on Facebook will create excitement across the social networking channels. And you will gradually develop relations with the social media users.

Make Influencers Talk About Your Brand

profitable business campaign
Viral marketing concept in profitable business campaign.

Although it’s a bit hard job, but it’s cost efficient, and most importantly, an extremely effective and profitable business campaign. Find out who are the authoritative figures in your market. As influencers have lots of fan base, followers and subscribers, they will help you create brand awareness and a positive brand image. But, to make that happen, you should be trust worthy and your products should be encouraging and meaningfully valuable to the target consumers.

Ever Tried DIY Infographics?

Infographics are considered much appealing than flat boring texts. If you’re into content marketing, or thinking of increasing brand visibility via article writing, spend more time in learning infographics.

Do you know how to use Adobe illustrator? If you do, then it will be easy for you creating some stunning infographics for your content. Infographics are eye candy and help consumers understand facts and figures easily. When you’re after profitable business campaign ideas, we think it’s better to add this to your targets.

So it boils down to one thing in the end – to create a profitable business campaign, we’ll need to have an idea, should know how to best use the social media platforms and all other internet marketing mediums.

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