Be a leader not a boss

Leaders Breaking an all Important Business Rule

The primary goal of every entrepreneur is to become successful. Success is attainable through hard work. But becoming a successful leader as an entrepreneur is important to your future success.

Leadership Must Outdo Style and Personality

a great leader key to success
A great leader is key to success

In business, every entrepreneur follows a particular style of operation. This is generally motivated by personality. Sometimes by the innovative ideas upon which the business was started.

When business start growing, other workers are hired or partnerships are forged. You must be diligent not to allow your style and personality contradict or break a general business rule. The rule is leadership.

Be Inspired to be a Leader

Every entrepreneur must be inspired to become a leader and not a boss. Whether you strive to become a true leader or a boss, remember you are still occupying a leadership position. The pride of a leader and the dignity of this position must be preserved.

The benefits of striving to become a great and successful leader are numerous. But the temptation to make decisions alone is a negative. To be domineering and arrogantly authoritative can kill a thriving enterprise.

It is therefore important to understand every stage in your business. This will help you provide a holistic approach in leadership with your workers or partners in mind.

One of the things I have found so impressive over the years is a united family. Both husband and wife and their children share their pain together and celebrate their successes together. This family model can also be applied in the work place.

Theodore Roosevelt a celebrated American president did not mince words. He said,” People ask the difference between leader and a boss. A leader leads, and a boss drives.”

Most businesses are shipwrecked today. This is because of leaders who instead of leading drove their workforce to a dead end. Here are the overwhelming differences between a leader an a boss.

Differences Between Leaders and Bosses

A leader is always available to participate in business activities. A boss sits on a fence and waits for results. When business activity go wrong, a leader takes the blame and ratifies the situation. A boss blames everybody and expects the problem to be fixed. A leader gives credit to his workers. A boss acts as if he did it all by himself and brags of unmerited achievements.

A leader involves his workers in decision making. A boss decides what to do at every stage. A leader ensures that his workers obtain the necessary feedback needed for improvement. A boss withholds information and waits till you fail.

A leader shows respect to his workers. A boss does not consider if he repeatedly hurts them. A leader makes it possible for his workers to excel. A boss fears to be overtaken. He closes every opportunity for progress.

Serve and be Served

As an entrepreneur, your world view of success must be proactive. You must be leader who leads by example. Remember that every move you make is being monitored and what you say is equally being analysed. If you open the doors of engagement, your workers will help you to know where you fall short.

This will help you make expedient and applicable amends quickly. If you do not, many things will go wrong which can not be ratified when noticed. The people you work with will be willing to serve you when they know that you are equally ready to serve them.

It is important to become humble to develop a personality of a true leader. You will conquer the draw back attitude of superiority complex.

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