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Entrepreneurship Trend in 2015: Where’s it Going?

In the past decade since the 2005 economic downturn, a rash of entrepreneurship interest appeared. Since then, our entire economy and lifestyles have been transformed slowly to suite entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship ecosystems in 2015
Entrepreneurship ecosystems in 2015 and beyond.

Every year since, there have been new and exciting trends for entrepreneurs. This includes what the hottest start-ups are. So, you see, many industries are affected by entrepreneurs all over the world. Here we will visit what the new directions are for entrepreneurship.

Some Unusual and Downright Crazy Trends for 2015 Entrepreneurship and Beyond

Well, Starbucks had it right with the fancy latte’s and flavored coffees and such. They were smart enough to keep the tea brewing too. Why smart? You would think tea wouldn’t come close to topping coffee in a million years—but it has come close. At least as a specialty business.

This can go two ways for entrepreneurship. You can start up a mail order tea company or you can go for the gusto and open a tea house. Both of these tea time trends are set to explode.

In fact – they already are! Why? Because there are a lot of health conscious coffee drinkers that are becoming teetotalers in record numbers. Does this mean the end is neigh for gourmet tea companies – why no! They’ve jumped on the bandwagon long before!

Get Nitchy with Entrepreneurship!

We’re not talking about your run of the mill black teas here – we’re talking healthy teas. The most popular tees are red, green and white. Why? They are the hottest teas for health and wellness conscious people. That means big bucks for the tea savvy entrepreneur.

Of course there’s a catch with these flavors. What’s making the money is not teas in bags it’s the ready to drink tea in bottles.

From Tea to Specialty Food Entrepreneurship

Ready to eat specialty foods are also a hot commodity. The more specialized you get the better. Whether you go delivery or restaurant.

There is actually a restaurant that is a multi-million dollar business and has many franchises right now. It’s PB Loco. And yes, they are into gourmet peanut butter. Everything from spicy curry peanut butter to traditional and fruity.

Special Markets are Hot as Well!

Specialty gluten-free as well as serving the diabetic market is a place to be. So what’s the catalyst that’s fueling the ready-made and specialty food industry?

The fact that younger people are more inclined to buy each day as a treat for themselves. People in their 20’s and early 30’s spend a substantial amount of money to specialty food and health items.

Do it Yourself Meal Prep Entrepreneurship

Teaching courses on teaching people how to prepare nutritious meals and freeze them for later is a good business idea. Today, people have less time than ever to make their own meals fresh but want to avoid junk food. You can solve that problem and make them self sufficient at the same time. This convert very well.

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