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Apple Brand Builds a Legacy in Personal Computers

Apple Inc. prides itself in being the most valuable company in the world. But temporal fall in Apple’s stocks recently is making the tech giant compete vigorously with Exxon Mobil for the position. The focus of the company has evolved to become the world’s leader in making advanced mobile technology accessible to all. With such  great mission in technology, the life of both ordinary people and elite groups continue to be much easier. This is evident when it comes to the Apple brand, products and services especially at the beginning of the third millennium

Hard Work and Focus Lead the Apple Brand

The Cupertino firm was founded way back in 1976, when two college dropouts, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak wanted to make something that the world will be proud of always. Their third associate Ronald Wayne left Apple in 1976 due disagreements. All of them at the time were hopeful, young and talented individuals. Both Jobs and Wozniak met at one of HP’s prestigious summer camps in the 70s, became close to each other and their resourcefulness and hard work has made the  Apple brand the reality it is now. At the age of 20, Steve Jobs was certain that his innovative ideas which he has embraced through various technology and educational camping programs, will come into fruition one day.

When the elite company started back in the 70s, its focus was to stay true to innovation in computer technology. And at that time, the Apple brand was focused on making computers that are smaller in size and could be moved if intended, very easily. Apple also pinned as a business plan, to domesticate the use of computers globally. Its direct competitors, like IBM  and Microsoft also focus on building powerful yet large sized computers.

With the passing of time, due to strategic planning and brand awareness for the company’s elected market, the Apple brand evolved and the iPhones and iPads development and production become an enviable agenda, with much emphasis on creating personal computers. The Apple brand is at the cutting-edge of mobile phones and tablets production and continue to improve the most important thing that is related to mobile experiences of the user – instant gratification. It wouldn’t be an incorrect statement if we say the company after the year 2000 is growing and profitability rate is at 70% because of the success of the iPhones. The iPhone has revolutionize the world of technology the way MACs did 40 years ago.

apple brand
The relevance of the iPhone 6s Plus.

Latest products from Apple: The iPhone 6s Plus, one of the latest of Apple’s products has seen greater success. Its predecessor iPhone 6 Plus wasn’t far behind. But overall, the newest Apple products and services – the Apple Watch, iPad Pro, Apple TV, Apple Pay and the much anticipated iPhone 7 seem to excite the mobile tech market.

The Success the Apple Has

The success the Apple brand has seen throughout its business life is unprecedented. The company is the most valuable brand in the whole world with the estimated value at around $718 billion. The company has sold most than 100 million Mac from the start. And though iPhones are only 9 years old, the Apple brand has been so fortunate that it has sold over 800 million iPhones to consumers worldwide.

But more than that, the name the company has built for itself is so amazing, that if high standards are maintained it will be difficult for any product to beat the success the company has seen regarding name and brand in the mobile tech industry. And it is evident from the progress the Apple brand is making today, we will be seeing the company expanding in innovation and cool products for many generations to come. Evidently, the Apple brand and innovative technology has become synonymous.

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