Require zero tolerance for trans fat.

Trans Fat Elimination Must be Made Permanent

Last week, the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) made an important move to eliminate trans fat from processed foods. This is a major victory in the campaign to protect and promote the health of consumers worldwide. The consumption of trans fat has been connected to various coronary  heart diseases. Experts believe that daily intake of trans fat results in a steady accumulation of plaque in our arteries. And eventually cause heart attacks.

The Campaign

In 2002, a study at the national Academy of Science’s Institute of Medicine, established a link between the consumption of trans fat and the gradual build up of bad cholesterol. Which is also the causative agent of increased heart diseases.

The attempt by the FDA to eliminate trans fat is not a new campaign. As far back in 2006, the agency required all food manufactures in the US to label the amount of trans fat intake on their products. This was to enable consumers make informed choices in trans fat intake.

A large number of processed foods which include canned, frozen, baked and many more that we consume,  contain trans fat. Most often, it is used to prolong the shelf life of these foods. In most cases, manufacturers are candid to list the amount of serving per consumption on the nutrition facts label of foods sold in grocery stores.

But, a great number of companies continue to use partially hydrogenated oils, which is a form of trans fat in foods like coffee creamers, stick margarines, biscuits and many other frozen foods.

The practice has necessitated the FDA to render the hydrogenated artificial oil substance as unsafe and has  issued a 3-year period for all food manufactures to phase out the use of this unhealthy substance.

Zero Trans Fat

Require zero tolerance for trans fat.
Require zero tolerance for trans fat.

It is now up to consumers to be more vigilant in their food choices. Even the little amount of trans fat under 0.5 grams which could be undisclosed in food packaging can build up over time and eventually cause heart attacks.

CEIimages is of the view, that consumers must play their respective part by making good food choices. And it is also necessary for food manufactures across the globe to find innovative and safe ways to preserve foods.

On the other hand, the FDA must continue its inspection and enforce the elimination of trans fat in any form possible in our foods. This is what we believe is an effective three-part solution to the problem. We must require zero tolerance for bad cholesterol.

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