Information Technology Must be Well Managed

Recently the idea of moving Information Technology (IT) to a common acquisition platform has received support for a government overhaul. The concern of inefficient management of IT acquisition in government was announced by the General Services Administration (GSA) almost ten months ago. And last month the GSA showed its seriousness on this issue by announcing key positions to be filled in the procurement process.

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Among many positions to be filled is the category management subject matter experts role. GSA believes that will bring innovation to the acquisition of commodity products and services to deliver opportunities in information technology management.

Importance of  Information Technology

This is a positive move to revamped the field of information technology. The dependence of IT for both the government and the private sector is no brainier. If IT is well managed, there will be a more focused decision making. This will ultimately bring about better information technology work environments. And also greater efficiency in industry’s management.

The GSA pointed out loopholes in wasteful practices and inexperienced management as some of the reasons to move toward the common acquisition platform in information technology management.

Using Technology to Create a Competitive Advantage

CEIimages applauds this decision. An industry such as information technology is so important in today’s business world that it cannot be overlooked.

Many organisations now see the  need to invest more in information technology to become relevant with the hi-tech trend. But at the same time many more information technology projects have failed due to poor management. Having well trained professional to manage procurement and day to day activities  in both the government and private sector is long overdue.

With this move by the GSA, there is the acknowledgement, that failure to  pay attention to problems besetting the information technology industry is also  an invitation to loss of revenue, capital innovation and wasteful spending.

The relevance and importance of technology has created a connected life that affects nearly every aspect of our daily lives, whether we are at home, at work, or on the move.

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