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Google Science Fair: A Panacea to Innovation Stifling?

Last week Google kicked off its annual science fair project. The Google Science fair is aimed at encouraging innovation and tapping specialized ideas and skills from teens.

Participants will be judged in eight core criteria. This will include the students presentation, question, hypothesis, research, experiment, data, observation and conclusion.

Significance of the Google Science Fair

This years fair like those before, invites innovation but specifically challenges participants to go change the world. The preceding 4-time Google Science Fair held between 2011 and 2014 have revealed the brightest and greatest ideas. It have also inspired a common sense approach in developing talents right from their youth. And also harnessing innovative technology inputs to assist further generations.

The Google Science Fair has been based on the understanding, that when young folks take on experimental projects in their area of interest; they achieve progress and become help to society.

The Research Project for Posterity

A laboratory and test approach that the founders of Google would bet on at anytime.

In 1996 while Larry Page and Sergey Brin were PhD students at the Stanford University in California, they founded Google through a research project. Today, Google is at the forefront of an all important cyber industry. Over half of  internet users trust Google  products for all their searches, browsing and various services.

Reports indicate that Google processes over 40, 000 queries every second on average. This translates to over 3.5 billion searches daily. The cyber giant also has the bragging rights of an annual 1.2 billion searches worldwide.

The determination by these two friends  has helped the course of the world in becoming a global village. With the internet as a foundation, businesses and entrepreneurs that use Google services have achieved a lot in record time.

What Happens When Replicas of Google Science Fair Evolve?

google science fair ideas
Brian-storming for innovative ideas

CEIimages is of the view that a lot will happen should there be replicas of the Google Science Fair projects. Already there many institutions that are also helping in this direction. Science Buddies is one outstanding organization devoted to this common course.

The organization’s efforts has been graced with sponsors like Symatec, Cisco, Best Buy, Elmer’s and many others. All these have purposed to help our youth to find and expand  science ideas that could very be the panacea to eminent problems.

Over the last many years, there seem to be innovation suffocation in many fields of learning. Which has been so due to lack of interest and will to invest in activities of these kind. But the Google Science Fair is showing the way forward.

And obviously if our support systems like industry experts, teachers, banks  and others could venture to answer this clarion call our battle against the unknown will be won should it emerge. And innovations not only pertaining to science could be born to the very good for all.

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