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Global Entrepreneurship Summit: An Engine for Change?

Kenya has taken a center stage in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES), with so much promise and anticipation for entrepreneurship development in Africa. In the past, countries like Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia and Morocco have had their turns in hosting the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. The United States first hosted the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in 2010. With a vision to expand entrepreneurship engagement throughout the world.

Is Black Africa Forgotten?

This is a loadable  idea if one has to think about the world in terms of a global village. Indeed, the global entrepreneurship summit, by its creed recognizes , that  the world has become a global village. A village that needs each member of the union to optimize its gifts and abilities in order to achieve a common purpose and success in business and entrepreneurship.

global entrepreneurship summit
Daymond John, CEO, FUBU attends GES. Daymond John is a Shark Tank (a CNBC TV investment program) investor helping startup funding.

Whilst we all admire entrepreneurship growth in other parts of the world, sometimes we forget that the engine and growth of an economy depends very much on entrepreneurship. And the ability of its people to be recognized for what they can offer to the world.

Entrepreneurship and innovation have always been keys and pivotal points in global change and success. But how can the African talent be harnessed to create innovation and successful entrepreneurship? Will the routine holding of the global entrepreneurship summit, ensure a translation of good intentions into developing great and willing talents?

For too long, Africa seems to have been a forgotten continent . But the same has the potential to be self sufficient and also help other parts of the global village union with unique skills, products and services.

The state of the union has not been always fair to the African continent. But to be equally impartial, governments, entrepreneurs and  all well meaning people in Africa must strive to create a continual safe and sound environment that enables global investments without fear of investment failures.

Investments and harnessing talents, we believe, are key opportunities, that the global entrepreneurship summit can offer for both emerging talents and global investors. And to buttress this point, both pilot and matured projects done by other investment groups so far have shown significant success.

Success of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit

The fact is that, the President of United States, Barrack Obama, has shown genuine concern and is on the move to bridge the global investments gab with the advent of the global entrepreneurship summit. He has called upon the private sector investors to support,  train, partner and mentor entrepreneurs around the world with capital investments.

The Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) has pledge up to $200 million. This will help Equity Bank Group lending of $450 million in foreign currency to help target small and medium scale businesses, including women and youth development over the next five years.

The USAID,  Coca Cola, Microsoft are among the many entities, which have plighted their honor for this investments rescue mission. And are willing to support the program with lots of cash and expertise.

Obama’s commitment in influencing significant resources to advance sub-Saharan Africa investment and other areas is credible. But this needs to be well managed and sustained vigorously.

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