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Commercial Drones: Should they Become UFO Innovation?

This week the  Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), rolled up its sleeves in pursuit of legalizing the use of commercial drones. The long awaited announcement was received with mixed feelings. But when fully implemented, this will allow companies to use commercial  drones effectively in their day to day business activities.

The FAA Rules for Commercial Drones

The FAA also proposed rules and regulations to this effect that will guide commercial drones and users across board.

Commercial drones will be expected to fly under 500 feet. The drones will operate only during the day. And fly within a pilot’s range of vision. The formula will employ holders of operators certificate to be considered as operators of the commercial drones. And will ensure persons under 17 to be unqualified handlers.

The proposal also seek to certify operators to control one commercial drone at a time. And they must allow the FAA to inspect the commercial drones. The drones will be subject to a 55 pound classification weight which the FAA sets for all small unmanned air crafts.

 Role of Drones

This week, CEIimages carried an article on how the use of drones and other innovative technologies are becoming popular in business application.

Commercial drones are expected to help in search and rescue, construction and farming activities. And also many more areas in business and innovative enterprises.

But with all these developments and foreseeable benefits, it is important to ensure safety in the air. The guidelines by the FAA should be faithfully considered before its implementation.

The recent drone fall at the White House and unnecessary use of drones to invade privacy among others, open the door for a healthy debate.

It is evident the FAA has not yet figured out, how to fully control all activities of commercial drones at all fronts in line with its submission.

Opportunity for Progress

But our question is, should commercial drones become the unidentified flying objects (UFOs) of innovation?

Probably not. Commercial drones are set to boost economic activities and respond timely to deadly occurrences. Controlling their activities will be a smart idea and also ensure safety.

The FAA is encouraged to study how some of the control aspects of  its proposal will be carried out for the benefit of society and entrepreneurs. At that same time, US startups and drone enthusiasts must ensure they champion a proactive approach to the new age of drone development.

Our understanding of excellence in innovation should always be based on dedication to progress, safety then productivity.

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