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Ursula Burns Reveals the Importance of Determination

It’s always great to be an icon. But how many people are ready to endure the time and efforts that one has to endure to become one? Our Iconic image Ursula Burns, cannot be denied of her daring achievements.

Life at Xerox

The first black woman to head a fortune 500 company, Ursula Burns became noticeable for her enviable engineering and managerial skills. She is the CEO and President of the Xerox corporation and was elected chairman of Xerox in May 2010.

She initially joined the company in 1980. Her first position was effected by a summer internship program where she served in the capacity as a  mechanical engineering intern.

Her skills were so evident that she was promoted to head several positions in her field of  learning and consequently became the head at the Product Development and Planning sector of the company.

ursula burns
The success story of Ursula Burns.

Ursula Burns never rested on her laurels and continued her successful spree of leadership in key positions at the Xerox corporation. She became the Vice President, Corporate Strategic Services in the year 2000. She was elected president of Xerox Group Operations in the year 2002.

Equipped with the ability to succeed, Burns showed a spectacular leadership in corporate marketing with innovative skills when she became president of the company in 2007.

She was instrumental for the success of the company’s Information Technology (IT) division. And also fostered the human resources, corporate strategy and the company’s global accounts in a way that continue to enhance the company’s vision.

Ursula Burns in Retrospect

Ursula Burns has made a name as a the first African American woman to lead a prestigious Fortune 500 company. And she is successful.

Born on September 20, 1958, the darling iconic image graduated with a masters degree in mechanical engineering from the Columbia University in 1981. Prior to this, she also had her bachelors degree from the New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering.

She currently serves on formidable national boards and associations. These have recognized her for her continues inspiration in technology, innovation and science.

Forbes magazine has also recognized her as one of the most powerful women in the world.

She is a loving wife and married to Lloyd Bean. She is also blessed with a daughter Melissa and a son named Malcolm.

Learning from the Icon

The resolve and tenacity of Ursula Burns show that when we determine to to excel we will succeed. Her early childhood stories coupled with her entire persona attest to this fact.

Photo Credit: www.wsj.com

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