Nick D’Alosio, Nadella, Patricia Kampling Show Talent

Nick D’Alosio, Nadella, Patricia Kampling represents some of the cutting edge iconic images in modern history. Their achievements resound in technology, innovation and the corporate world.

Nick D’Alosio

Young and talented, Nick D’Alosio has become a household personality. The Australian born British entrepreneur and computer programmer created Summly. Summly is the summarization of artificial intelligence technology developed with SRI International. The app allows you to browse news easily, by viewing concise summaries of online content. It has also become a popular iPhone application.

Icon and Innovator at 15

nick d'alosio, founder of summly
Nick D’Alosio, founder of Summly

Nick has been recognized as the youngest person to receive a venture capital in technology at just 15 years of age. In 2013, his brain child Summly, was purchased by Yahoo for $30 million which made him the youngest self-made millionaire ever reported.

Now at 19, Nick faces a new challenge . He is a full time student at the Oxford University sharpening his skills to meet the emerging trends of business technology and innovation.


Nadella, microsoft ceoAt 46, Nadella has already become the third chief executive officer in Microsoft’s history. He joined the company in 1992 after working with Sun Microsystems.

At Microsoft, he initially led major projects including the company’s move to cloud computing and the development of one of the largest cloud infrastructures in the world. With his cutting edge ability, the company recorded a revenue growth from its cloud services at $20.3 billion in June 2013 from $16.6 billion when he took office in June 2011.

He is credited for helping bring Microsoft’s database, windows server and developer tools to its Azure Cloud Services.

Patricia Leonard Kampling

Patricia Leonard Kampling
chairman, president and CEO of Alliant Energy Corporation, Patricia Leonard Kampling

As the chairman president and CEO of Alliant Energy Corporation, Patricia Leonard Kampling has the responsibility of leading the performance and strategic growth of the energy giant regulated utility companies (IPL and WPL), serving in over 1,300 communities in Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

She joined the company in 2005 and in 2011, became the president and chief operating officer. She was responsible for the overall corporate operations and was instrumental in the execution of the all the Alliant Energy’s Capital Plan, commitment to customers, environmental planning and safety initiatives. In 2012, Pat was named president, chairman and CEO.

Nick D’Alosio, Nadella, Patricia Kampling Continue to Deliver

NickD’Alosio, Nadella, Patricia Kampling continue to deliver in their feild of expertise. They have proven once again that hard work rewards. Nick D’Alosio, Nadella, Patricia Kampling are an undeniable success stories.

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