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Martha Stewart Discovers Gift and Masters Trade

The critical stage of everyone’s life is the stage of discovery and Martha Stewart has diligently discovered her gifts and mastered her trade. She has shown excellence in many DIY decorating projects. Her craft ideas, cooking ideas and decorating tips has resonated with many people. Martha living ideas make the Martha Stewart collection one of the favorites on the market.

Martha Stewart was born on August 3rd, 1941. Her family wasn’t rich and lived in the suburbs of New Jersey. The family migrated from the war-driven country, Poland. Martha’s upbringing was full of cooking, gardening and traditional kitchen work.

Early Life and Education of Martha Stewart

Early in her school life, Martha Stewart took an interest in modelling and become a model when she was very young. At the age of 13, she got few noteworthy modelling gigs and flourished as a young and rising model. Due to her modeling reputation and good grades, she landed a scholarship at the prestigious Barnard College in New York.

After the scholarship at the Barnard College, her interest in modelling gradually faded and she got more allured towards education. She got degrees in general history and architectural history. If this was any indication, she later developed the mind for business and entrepreneurship which changed her life altogether in every aspect.

Entrepreneurial Passion and Dream Success

After she completed her education, all of her family decided to leave New Jersey and they found a new home in Connecticut. The house they bought was little outdated, so she decided to restore and beautify it. During that attempt, she found out the aesthetic side of her personality which was decoration. This prompted her to start her own décor services.

In the 70s, she mastered a catering service of her own and saw good growth in her early years. After her catering service success, she used her time very effectively and wrote her first book called Entertaining. This book becomes the best seller on the newsstands.

Her first book was a success and she wrote more books which were also in the same genre of décor literature. She totally dedicated the 80s to her writing. Some of her famous books include Martha Stewart’s Hors Doeuvres, Weddings, and Martha Stewart’s Christmas.

The success of her books ignited a new passion in her and so she followed that passion and dreamt about building a lifestyle empire to her name. In 1997, she founded a company named Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. She became the CEO her newly founded company. That move further cemented her place in the lifestyle industry.

Martha is also a proud owner of a home and garden magazine. The magazine showcases first hand Martha Stewart kitchen tips, engagement party ideas, do it yourself invitation cards, home décor ideas and gardening tips and tools for various projects.

Martha’s Jail Time and Comeback to Public Life

martha stewartIn 2001, Martha Stewart  was accused of selling almost all the company’s shares the day before it was made public. So in 2004, she and her company were found guilty of fraud. She was jailed for five months and was fined $30 thousand.

After coming back from jail, she had some difficulties but luckily, she got two gigs at NBC, one was the spinoff to Apprentice and another one was a daytime show which was mainly based on cooking. After that, she got another show at Hallmark Channel called The Martha Stewart Show. She also did a baking show on the same channel also known as Martha Bakes.

All her life, Martha Stewart has been the center of many criticisms, but she always pulls through. And having an ultimate sense of business charisma to her credit, she has made for herself a household name to be enviable of. Her steadfastness and ingenuity encourage us to master our trades and never give up.

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