Pakistan Completes CPEC Motorway Project

Pakistan recently completed and inaugurated 120 miles long Gwadar-Turbat Hoshab Motorway (M-8). The new project is part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) investment program, having approximately $45 billion investment from China.

The CPEC is meant to make both countries’ relations stronger. The officials of both countries are calling it an inception of their relations to new heights. The major part of the CPEC will be created in Gwadar, Balochistan. Next immediate step will include, the creation of a power plant in Gwadar area of more than 1000 MW capacity.

The main purpose of CPEC is to connect China with the new port city of Gwadar-Turbat located in the south of Pakistan. Which will directly connect China with the western world. After the 9/11, Pakistan has been a direct target of terrorist attacks, which is now fading slowing due to a military operation in the North of the Country.

The CPEC initiative will help Pakistan to revamp their economy in a positive direction. The CPEC is a project of 1900 miles connecting both countries through roads, railways, and most importantly the pipelines.

This video shows part of the CPEC project completed last year

Pak-China Relation in the Midst of CPEC

Ever since both countries came into being  in the 1940s, they have encouraged important economic relations, always wanting to increase trade between them. The CPEC is a contemporary project, that shows how strong their affinity is and in the longer term, it will define how the economic script will be written in the region.

Many people have a misconception, that the CPEC is only a road and railway project, but it will also lead to bring peace and economic stability in the region. Pakistan, being a major player in the region of South Asia is going to benefit a lot from the project, as the country don’t have enough trade activity going on at the moment. The CPEC will gather a great deal of trade from all over the world. Moreover, China is also going to reap enough profit out of the initial investment of $45 billion it has pledged to the project.

Project Necessary for Pakistan

Prior to the CPEC, China is also investing in the real estate and mining sectors in Pakistan and want to complete a couple of projects before the CPEC program takes off. It has laid the necessary groundwork for some future work in both the real estate and energy sectors. This will also be an indicator of how well the project is going to succeed in the future.

The Chinese are keen to invest in the real estate sector in the region of Gwadar, as it is going to be the hub and focal point regarding the  project. China is also very avid about energy needs in Gwadar and since it is their biggest issue as of now, most of their investment are going to be in the energy sector.

So for the CPEC project to succeed, Pakistan is doing everything it can to guarantee its safety and ensuring, that the project will be successfully implemented to relieve the country from its stagnant economy.

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